Engaging and interactive
e-Learning design are key to effective self-directed learning.

At upnextLAB, we take learning seriously and every step of the design phase, we have the learners in mind. We design learning with meaningful contextual narratives coupled with intentional solutions to address current and possible learning gaps. In adult learning, our main concern is how will the learner apply the knowledge attained from e-Learning into real life?

Practitioners in Learning Design & Multimedia Production

A Complete 360° Solution

Blended Learning and The Flipped Classroom.

Our Flipped Classroom pedagogy consists short narratives that are chunked for each topic or concept spanning 3-5minutes per video to provide learners with bite-sized, self-directed digestible knowledge followed by active classroom participation and collaborative activities.

Technology-Enabled Learning

Ubiquitous computing is prevalent among Digital Natives and Millennials who form the majority of our learners. Mobile technologies and the use of social media has become a daily staple of our activities, etched into our daily routines. As such, learning strategies have evolved into this space, tapping on this new information-retrieval and sharing habit, thus leveraging on learners receptiveness to the use of these technologies.

Professional Development

We design & deliver tailored training courses angled from a practitioner’s perspective aimed for immediate workplace application.

Our high-energy, high-participation workshops are suitable for all teachers, corporate trainers, sales managers, subject-matter experts or budding learning designers.

From Microlearning Videos To Full Courseware Design...


Microlearning Videos

2d Explainer Animations & Scenario-Based Videos


Courseware Design

End-To-end Learning Design Projects


Training Sessions

Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom, Design Thinking…

Some of our Microlearning Packages

2D, Motion and Live-Action Videos

Professional Development Training Workshops

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