Using a human-centered approach to solving real human problems!

These workshops are designed specifically for anyone who wishes to embrace the Design Thinking approach to solving real-world problems.

Who should attend: 

Anyone/Teams wishing to solve problems from the root cause and generating viable solutions through a human-centred approach based on insights, tensions, surprises and many a-ha moments!

There are three flavours to choose from.

Design Thinking Crash Course (3 Hours + 1hr Pre-Class Online Learning)

As the title suggests, this is a fast-paced, high energy 3 hour session that will take you through the Design Thinking process in a flash! You will be given a 1-hour online learning course to familiarise with the tenets and phases of design thinking right after you sign up! Do take the 1-hour online self-directed online course diligently so you will be able to immerse yourself fully during the 3-hour session. Have your morning perk-me-up slow and steady, to keep you ready for 3 hours of fun and many mind-blowing insightful epiphanies!

Discover Design Thinking (1 Day + 1hr Pre-Class Online Learning)

This is a 9-6 session with a lunch hour and two 10-min bio-breaks in between. The rest of the time will be spent on dialogue, discussions, intentional listening, writing, collaborating and prototyping. As with the crash course, this workshop also requires learners to complete a 1-hour online self-directed online course prior to the classroom session. You will work on two design challenges, the first to quickly experience the full design thinking process within an hour and the next a challenge slightly larger in scale.

Design Thinking Bootcamp (3 Days)

The design thinking process is a journey of emotions and moods combining to optimise its processes for better collaborations and results. As such, it takes a considerable amount of time to be immersed in each phase to truly understand the nuts and bolts of how to implement them effectively. This bootcamp aims to do just that. To stretch your minds and open up your hearts to a new approach which requires a mindset and behavioural change that will elevate your observation, listening and feeling skills in order to empathise and innovative towards a better tomorrow and ultimately a better world for our fellow humans.

Day 1 will get you grounded with the foundations of DT by embracing the core tenets and principles that make design thinking a truly human-centered approach. You will unlearn some old techniques and replace them with new ones to refresh your senses and refrrame your point of view while reserving judgment and allowing mistakes to happen during the process.

Day 2 will help you think through about the people affected by the problem and how will you get insights by writing good questions followed by intentional listening through dialogue and observation skills and collaborating with your peers to dive deep into the root of each problem and eventually realising opportunities to fixing them.

Day 3 will be a day to experiment your solutions through creating prototypes, testing them with your users and refining through iterations. It will be a fun explosive day of creativity and ideas which will ease into a final reflective activity. With you embracing a dialogic attitude in contributing towards a deeper learning with your peers, we will conclude the workshop and extend into a new community of design thinkers to support each other as you begin your new journey as a changemaker.

We are ready to meet your needs.

Our aim is to help you thrive in a time of noise and distraction by creating a flexible yet focused learning environment with relevant learning experiences that compels you to learn. We constantly listen to your feedback and reflect to refine and upgrade our workshops through innovation and creativity.

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We have been running workshops for over 15 years and have trained new and seasoned professionals from all walks of life. The educators we have trained are doctors, nurses, firefighters, school teachers, tertiary lecturers, law enforcers, soldiers, program administrators, instructional designers, e-learning specialists, educational technologists…. and many, many more.

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