Pedagogical professional training workshops that just work!

These workshops are designed specifically from a Practitioner’s view, meant for professionals who are looking to implement the tools, techniques and strategies as soon as you get back to work! We are very intentional with every activity we have designed  in these workshops with knowledge-application being our top goal.

Here are 3 types of activities you will be engaged in when attending our workshops:

Collaborative Learning

You will experience interacting with other participants in co-constructing knowledge and artifacts either through verbal communication or technology-enabled authoring. This is a powerful and immersive approach to learning, which mirrors real-world application of the subject-matter you are mastering. Explore different dynamics, ideas and learn to use each others' strengths to collaboratively learn, design and prototype possible solutions.

Learner as a Creator/Author

You will be authoring! Yes, you will be designing and developing content as we move through each concept. We take authoring seriously as it not only helps you internalise the concept but also allowing you and your peers to react, reflect and refine your learning as you move from one stage to another. Experiential learning allows you to actively participate and through your own actions and feedback from your facilitators, you will be able to produce learning artifacts which you can take with you and expand them for your own design at the workplace. Hence, it is important to be an intentional listener by staying focused and keeping clear of distractions (social media, partners, boss). So let's digest what needs to be done so that we get them done!

Technology Affordances

Every lesson or training we design need to steer towards learner interaction and engagement. The human facilitator can only do so much with a group of professionals of diverse backgrounds and learning styles. As such, we have carefully handpicked and weaved in the use of simple but effective technologies that will aid and even automate some of the learning processes in the classroom. All our workshops will require you to bring your fully-charged laptop and ready to work online either individually or collaboratively, even while being in the physical classroom!

We are ready to meet your needs.

Our aim is to help you thrive in a time of noise and distraction by creating a flexible yet focused learning environment with relevant learning experiences that compels you to learn. We constantly listen to your feedback and reflect to refine and upgrade our workshops through innovation and creativity.

Why choose us as your professional learning partner?

We have been running workshops for over 15 years and have trained new and seasoned professionals from all walks of life. The educators we have trained are doctors, nurses, firefighters, school teachers, tertiary lecturers, law enforcers, soldiers, program administrators, instructional designers, e-learning specialists, educational technologists…. and many, many more.

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